Friday, October 19, 2012

More Obscure Stuff Associated With Java RMI

I rebooted my PC, and the very simple Java RMI example that I mentioned yesterday no longer worked.  Apparently, start rmiregistry is no longer enough.  Now I need start rmiregistry -J-classpath -J. (according to this web page).  Yes, that now works...but why?  I suppose it is time to figure out what those flags to rmiregistry mean.

Someone, somewhere, must be able to make some decent money consulting on Java RMI development problems.  The whole thing is beginning to look very obscure and fragile to me -- or perhaps it is just RMI development under Windows that is problematic.

UPDATE: It also appears that for all the technical merits of RMI, it simply did not catch on, and there's not much point to using a technology that is out of fashion: you can't hire people with experience with it, nor will it make you employable anywhere else.  (Not that there is much danger of me being employable in the private sector ever again.)

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  1. I'd place my bets on it being problematic under Windows.

    My impression is that serious Java people are all using some flavors of Unix servers, and people using Windows servers are all doing ASP and/or other .NET stuff.

    So, time to run a linux or BSD VM, or get a cheap Macintosh?