Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gun Control Advocates: You Are Making Americans Buy Guns

The July 25, 2012 Christian Science Monitor reports on the spike in gun sales that is happening now, as it always does after one of these tragedies--and the gun control advocates are responsible:
Self-protection is part of the reason. But a bigger factor, say gun dealers, is fear of something else:  politicians -- specifically, their ability to enact restrictions on gun ownership and acquisition of ammunition.
When a high-profile shooting takes place, invariably the airwaves are full of talk about gun control.
“Once people start hearing about that, they say, ‘Wow I was planning on doing this. I better do it now,’” says Mr. Hyatt.
A gun-store owner in Virginia reports the same phenomenon.
"Normally what happens - and I've been doing this for 30 years - is whenever they start talking about gun control on the news and they start pushing that, people have a tendency to think they're going to take away their right to buy the gun, and that usually spurs sale,” says Paul Decker, owner of Hunters Heaven in Hayes, Va.
I support the right to keep and bear arms, but I confess that I cringe at the thought of people who no knowledge of guns rushing out to buy guns.  In some cases, they have not thought through the responsibilities involved.  How do I secure it against theft?  How will I keep my kids from getting into it?  How will I train my kids to understand the risks and responsibilities involved?  Do I have the right temperament to own a gun?  Perhaps being three sheets to the wind on the weekends isn't a wise combination with gun ownership?

So gun control advocates, when you keep talking about gun control, remember that when at least some of these reactionary purchasers do something stupid or tragic, it is because you panicked them into it.


  1. Might I humbly suggest that your next E-book be a guide for first time gun buyers? Or at least request a blog post on the subject?

  2. My Sister-in-Law, Ms Nitro, recognizes that she does not have the temperament to own a gun. Unfortunately she is also very good at projecting that temperament onto everyone else around her.

  3. The gun control advocates have sacrificed any credibility they might have had on such issues as instruction requirements by lying too frequently on their intentions. No one believes them or their good intentions. The "Fast and Furious" scandal is just one example.

  4. you panicked them into it

    No one panics anyone else into anything. People are responsible for their own actions and reactions.

    Besides, I'm guessing the evidence for the panic is anecdotal.