Thursday, July 5, 2012

Interesting Nice Surprise...

It wasn't too difficult to convert My Brother Ron to Nook format and make it available through Barnes & Noble, so I did the same with my wife's first book, Running From Your Nineveh.  A somewhat surprising effect was that suddenly, without me taking action to do so, the paperback edition of her book printed by CreateSpace suddenly appeared on the Barnes & Noble website--and at a lower price than the same edition offered by Amazon.  This was something of a surprise because CreateSpace is owned by Amazon.


  1. Beware of Amazon Price matching. Your eBook will be reduced in price to match the Barnes & Noble price, and also, you e-Book must be 20% less than any physical edition. They will fix it for you....

  2. I've read that copies that come directly from CreateSpace are of noticeably higher quality than ones from's internal fulfillment PoD machines (and I've noticed the latter have the faintest print of all PoD books I've received, enough to make reading more difficult). So the Barnes & Noble copies will likely be better as well.