Saturday, July 7, 2012

Spent The Day in Sun Valley

I spent a bit of time talking with an extended family which has been far more devastated by mental illness than mine.  It was a useful discussion of how to pool our energy and abilities towards fixing our broken mental health system.  But first, I need to decompress a bit, and throw my jumbled ideas on the subject into a logical flow.


  1. Since I know that you worry and write about mental health problems, I thought I'd draw this to your attention.

  2. Mr. Cramer:

    I'm dropping by to let you know I heard you briefly on Sirius last night; I missed most of the interview because I was in such a rush to buy your book.

    I, too, am the sibling of a schizophrenic....I was the youngest in my family; my oldest brother developed the disease as a young adult. Like your brother, he was quite brilliant, working as an electrical engineer - a civilian contractor for the U.S. Navy at a base in California. (He tried to enlist in the military out of college, but they could not take him because of a physical problem.) He was stationed there in the 1970s to help develop a very sophisticated and now well-known project. (I only learned what he'd been working on a few years ago, long after his suicide; he never revealed it.)

    As I hope you can imagine, what I've read of your book so far is quite familiar to me. Another of my siblings has a PhD in chemistry; I plan to purchase a copy for him when I'm done here. I know he will find much to relate to as well, and the science will be of great interest to him.

    Thank you for taking up this topic. I will tell as many people as will listen about your book, and if there is anything else I can do, please let me know. I've bookmarked your blog and I'll be checking back regularly.


  3. I appreciate your kind words.

    Things that help:

    1. Reviews on

    2. Any contacts that you have with local radio talk shows. (It doesn't sell many books to have an on-air interview, but it does increase popular awareness, which is essential for political change.)