Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More Positive Reviews of My Brother Ron

There are now four reviews on Amazon.com: all of them five stars.  And I may have trouble getting out the door because of swelled head syndrome:
My Brother Ron clearly reflects the pain and futility that those that love the mentally ill go through. Within this framework he developes the history and tragedy that is the current situation. Clarity and scholarship are rarely combined as well as in this book.
A "must read" for everyone who cares about others.


  1. It will be interesting to hear responses from "professionals and academics" in the mental health and social services fields to this work.

    I imagine since most likely such people will be oriented to the left and you are to the other direction they will want to dispute you. It would certainly be interesting to hear that debate!

  2. They are generally on the left, but many of them recognize that the current system, for all its good intentions, failed.

  3. Congratulations.

    I sometimes think that the best way to judge how civilised a country is is by reflecting on how it looks after the insane and the mentally defective. In many countries, I suspect, the effort doesn't go into looking after the poor souls, but into insisting that they mustn't be referred to as 'insane' or 'mentally defective' and that they be treated by means that may be ineffective but at least are politically correct.

  4. P.S. The reviewer who remarked on "the mechanisms to ... protect society from the mentally ill" might also have alluded to the problem of protecting the mentally ill from society.