Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jordon Anderson's Letter To His Former Master

I have previously reprinted this marvelously entertaining letter from a former slave to his master, explaining why he was not interested in returning South, now that the war was over.  It is among the masterpieces of writing, especially when you consider the author was born a slave.  This Associated Press article, published in the July 14, 2012 Salt Lake City Tribune, gives a lot more background on the slave, the master, and the letter.

And what can you say about a letter that ends:
Say howdy to George Carter, and thank him for taking the pistol from you when you were shooting at me.

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  1. Sadly, there is much more grace, erudition (and class -- that word!)demonstrated in that letter than I daresay can be found in the writing of almost anyone in America today, whether descended from slave or freeman, or from someone who came to America later.