Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ice-T On The Right To Keep And Bear Arms

I confess to having no knowledge of Ice-T's work as a musician.  I have watched him in Law & Order for many years, where he does a good job of portraying an up from the streets black man trying to make the world a better place by being a New York City cop.  So you can imagine my surprise to see him in Britain, doing a spirited defense of the right to keep and bear arms on an interview show:

Memo to gun control advocates: you've lost.


  1. You might want to check his Wikipedia page. Though there are plenty of interesting things about his musical career, what's much more interesting is his criminal career. I'm don't think he makes a very good poster boy for those of us opposed to gun control.

  2. Anon, I don't think that Clayton's claim is that he's a good "poster boy". It's that he, of all people, is defending the right to keep and bear arms!

    Who would have thought that an actor and musician like Ice-T would be defending the right, in Great Britain, of all places?

  3. In his defense he did:
    1)Serve his country and 2)turn his life around to something more constructive and productive. And he does seem to recognize the problems today.