Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I've Long Known That Many Beggars Aren't Poor

My favorite was some years ago when I saw a guy begging here in Boise with a sign that said, "Need $$$ for booze and cigarettes."  This story from July 17, 2012 CBS Cleveland, however, takes the cake:

Panhandlers often are considered down on their luck drug addicts or booze hounds, but a woman in Akron is panhandling for a different reason.
According to WKYC-TV, Chrissy Lance, 37, is trying to get the money together for breast augmentation surgery.
She is trying to raise $5,000.  She needs enlargement to help her self-esteem.

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  1. Why doesn't she admit that it's so she can make more money? She works in a bar. Pictures of her show that she is far from busty and no doubt many of the men that frequent the bar in which she works would probably give much larger tips if she went from A to D size.

    I've seen news stories about women "dancers" seeking enlargement so that they could increase their earnings and stating that doing so results in thousands per week increase in earnings!

    And to top it off apparently it is also tax deductible for "dancers" as a business expense.

    Maybe she can get an Obama grant! *SNICKER*

    Regarding beggars who aren't poor there used to an old bag lady in Boise in the late 80's/early 90's who was known as Iris. She became well known because of news media coverage of her. It was reported that she was taking in and had so much money that she stayed in a pretty nice motel/hotel at night and was not hurting at all. Even so I saw people "suckers" give her money for a few years until finally enough people got wise and she left town for another. She got mad when people challenged her....I think the last I heard she might have went to Portland or Seattle by '92 or so.

    There sure are a lot more beggars in Boise in the last 4 years!