Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm A Bit Frustrated

I would have thought that my new book My Brother Ron would have been an obvious basis for discussion of what happened in Aurora, but no luck.  I talked to a producer from NPR yesterday, but apparently they decided that they needed local guests on the program instead.  My suspicion is that the need to boil everything down to the old 60 Minutes Point/Counterpoint binary model of public policy may have made adding another explanation besides guns too complicated for their audience.


  1. I posted a link to "Ron" on Facebook as the reports began rolling out and I know of a few people who decided to read it. I also have suggested it to a behavioral specialist who works for the same company I do (I work with MH individuals in the community) and am going to submit "Ron" for training hours and see how that goes! The deinstitutionalization process is what led to this company being created and I get to experience the positive and negative aspects of the system on a daily basis and am VERY much enjoying the book.

  2. no, it is because NPR wants to make it about the gun in order to demonize them in order to try to get more gun control passed. mental illness does not fit the narrative.

  3. I also suggested your book to all my friends on Facebook. When the Arizona shooting happened, the reports of the shooter's mental problems came out very quickly. I think that this time the information is slower and there's no direct link yet so reporters are not going in the mental illness directions.