Sunday, July 22, 2012

James Holmes' Scientific Interests

From the July 22, 2012 New York Times:
Mr. Holmes’s background was science. Before dropping out he took a class that explored the biological origins of psychiatric and neurological disorders, and was scheduled to give a presentation on “MicroRNA Biomarkers,” according to a class schedule published online. The topic appears to demonstrate an interest in the genetic basis of mental illness.
There is (at least in some circles) a prejudice that people study psychology to find out what's wrong with them.  You have to wonder if Holmes' interest might have reflected an awareness that he was having problems, or because of a family history of mental illness.


  1. Is it a "prejudice" or an inference based on observation?

  2. It can be both. You may make a conclusion based on seeing many examples. But to assume that everyone majoring in psychology is doing so because they are a bit unhinged is prejudice.

  3. I'm sure not all psych majors are crazy, but there does seem to be a curious trend there!

    Maybe all such majors should have a psych eval as a requirement for being accepted into the program.