Monday, February 27, 2012

So Sordid That It Sounds Like A Soap Opera

This article from the February 26, 2012 San Francisco Chronicle is just too sordid to summarize and too long to quote.  But it has:

1. The California State Treasurer

2. His wife, 30 years younger than him, and an Alameda County Commissioner.  (For those in other parts of America: the county commission is the elected legislative body for county government in California.)

3. A sex-tape involving the wife and...someone else.

4. Alcohol and meth addiction.

5. The wife injured--and her lover claims it was self-defense.

Will someone please tell me why such sleazy people run California?  I mean, besides the possibility that they accurately represent the moral character of the population?


  1. 6. Oh, and both Democrats--something I have yet to see in any news articles.

  2. How else can we select for members of a 'jury of peers' with sufficient breadth of experiences?


  3. Meanwhile, the domestic violence case against San Francisco's "progressive" sheriff is unraveling

  4. It's a One-Party state and Republicans just sit at the children's table while the "adults" do scandalous things in the parlour - Olde Sacramento is like in Olde San Francisco!