Monday, February 13, 2012

Gingrich's Big Backer Calling It Quits?

John Lott links to a Business Insider article that indicates the Adelsons are pulling the plug on Gingrich's campaign.  They have already given $11 million to a SuperPAC that was running much of the Gingrich advertising--and the Adelsons are making nice with Romney, telling him that they will back him if he is the Republican nominee.

What I found interesting is that Santorum's big fundraiser is Foster Friess, who manages the Brandywine Funds, which used to be very highly rated mutual funds, back in the 1990s.  (I still have a bit of money in one of the funds, but their performance the last few years has been so disappointing that I will probably sell out and move the money into bonds one of these days.)  The February 13, 2012 Washington Post article explains:
Sixteen years ago, Friess heard Santorum deliver a speech. Part way through the remarks, Fries recounts, “I saw the authenticity of the guy.” 
That's how I see Santorum, too--as authentic as a successful politician can be.  That doesn't mean that he will be able to win the general election, because authenticity only works with a population that cares about honesty, and Americans really do not--as the current occupier of the Oval Office demonstrates.

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