Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Reminder That Free Speech Only Goes One Way

Over at Volokh Conspiracy is a discussion of a recent decision:

Government Employer Free to Fire Human Resources Officials Who Publicly Criticize the Propriety of Gay Rights Laws

The Associate Vice President for Human Resources was a black woman who wrote a letter to the editor disagreeing with the analogy of homosexuality to race with respect to EEO laws.  She was fired because the university believed:
First, her statements could disrupt the Human Resources Department by making homosexual employees uncomfortable or disgruntled. Though it did not enter into the actual consideration, Erich Stolz’s letter to Defendants clearly demonstrated that effect: he stated that her letter not only made him individually uncomfortable, but it also reduced his respect for her professionalism.
As one of the commenters pointed out:

Looks like we’ve come full circle. Fifty years ago people were being fired, especially in government, for “deviant behavior.” Now you can be fired for not endorsing it.
Freedom, homosexuality: pick one.

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