Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Was Not Sure If This Was Parody...

The website is called ThisIsWhyImBroke.com and many of the things that they sell sound like it is a companion site to the various First World Problems sites--a reminder that many people have more money than they need, or can figure out how to sensibly spend.

Seriously: there are a few items here that I could see buying, if I were obscenely rich, and there were no hungry people in the world, or people without health insurance, or horrible diseases that needed a cure researched.  The rest?  Wow.  What a waste.


  1. I've seen the whiskey stones for sale somewhere else, so it's probably a serious website. It looks like Thinkgeek.com decided to include a lot of expensive items, or Nieman Marcus (needless markup)on the internet.

  2. That does look suspiciously like someone trawled ThinkGeek for items, and put up a new site selling the same stuff.