Friday, February 10, 2012

Glitter Bombing

Homosexual activists have taken to throwing glitter at people that they don't think are sufficiently pro-gay rights, such as the attack on Romney by someone who works worked  for the Colorado Democrats.  (Attacking Romney for not being pro-gay enough is a bit of a laugh in itself.)  This article from the February 8, 2012 The Hill quotes an optometrist to the effect that glitter in your eyes creates very serious risks:
But Stephen Glasser, an optometrist in downtown Washington, tells ITK that while they might seem harmless, glitter bombs can cause real damage: “If it gets into the eyes, the best scenario is it can irritate, it can scratch. Worst scenario is it can actually create a cut. As the person blinks, it moves the glitter across the eye and can actually scratch the cornea.” Although not likely, it can even cause a potential loss of sight.
The homosexual activists are doing more than being annoying; they are risking very serious injury to their targets.  They deserve full prosecution for these crimes--and they are one more reminder of what happens when you encourage people with serious emotional problems to consider themselves victims of an oppressive society.

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