Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Coincidences Keep Coming

February 15, 2012 Human Events reports on some more of those amazing coincidences:
Soon after President Barack Obama touted Westport Innovation’s liquefied natural gas-powered engines April 1 at a Maryland UPS facility, the company’s top individual investor made large contributions to Democrats.

Kevin G. Douglas, Westport’s largest individual shareholder, April 8 gave more than $30,000 to Obama and the Democratic National Committee, according to federal campaign filings.

In a lucky confluence of events, a bill, supported by the president, New Alternative Transportation to Give Americans Solutions Act, designed to subsidize the migration of American vehicles from gasoline and diesel to LNG-powered engines was filed April 6 in the House of Representatives. The bill is also known by the shorthand: Natural Gas Act.
Yeah, that's it!  A "lucky confluence of events"! Oh, and who owns three million shares of Westport stock?  Why, Soros Fund Management (you know, George Soros).  Another "lucky confluence of events," don't you think?

I realize that in the general election, Romney will choose not to be mean and nasty and raise these issues, so that he can lose like a gentlemen (as McCain did in 2008).  But it sure would be nice if some PAC decided to run ads reminding everyone of the level of corruption--or something that sure looks like corruption--of the Obama Administration.  A certain amount of this stuff is just part of what the national government does--but the scale of what Obama's superrich supporters have done just amazes me.

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  1. To be fair to McCain, he had some pretty fantastic ads that came down hard on Obama. I remember seeing one such ad, and thinking "Yes, that's fantastic!" and then shortly afterward, seeing an ad explaining why we should vote for McCain...and I immediately thought "I don't want to vote for him any more."

    That's the problem with lousy candidates: if Mitt, or the Republican In General, loses, it will be just as much because he can't inspire us--and perhaps even depresses us--as it will be that he doesn't come down hard on Obama.

    Of course, chances are, any candidate will win, just by coming down hard on Obama, and then we'll still probably lose, as that candidate will likely just continue Progressive policies that got us here in the first place, just watered down.

    It's easy to see why so many people are losing hope for our country!