Friday, February 10, 2012

This Must Drive The Gun Control Crazies...Crazy

Instapundit linked to a Popular Mechanics article about ways to protect yourself from home invasion.  To their credit, Popular Mechanics did remind readers that home invasions are "[s]tatistically rare but devastating...."  What is amazing is how many of the slides assume that their readers have a gun already, or may buy a gun to deal with this risk.  I can remember a time when pretty much any magazine that wasn't guns or hunting oriented would never suggest using a gun to defend yourself against criminals.


  1. Thorny shrubbery - nature's barbed wire.

    A quick Google search found somebody else with the same idea.

  2. In fact, such articles would frequently tell you that the worst thing you could do would be be to have a gun. Here's a Google Books link to a typical article.