Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bizarre Comparisons

The Other McCain mentions an email he received, criticizing the Catholic Church's upset about being forced to pay for contraceptives and abortifacients, contrary to Catholic doctrine:
Good to know that you agree that Muslim employers can impose Shari’a restrictions on their employees
Except, of course, this is not about the Catholic Church being allowed to tell their employees what they can and can't do, but about whether the Catholic Church can be forced to pay for things that they find morally reprehensible.  I saw someone making the point that this imposition (part of ObamaCare, of course) was the equivalent of forcing Orthodox Jewish restaurants to serve bacon and ham to their customers--and then "compromising," by forcing them to pay for someone to roll a cart through the restaurant giving away bacon and ham to their customers.  And I don't think this even quite captures the enormity of it: Catholic doctrine (with which I disagree) concerning birth control is actually a bit closer to requiring human sacrifice.

If there is anyone who is imposing something on others, it is the Obama Administration.

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  1. But reading comprehension, logic and the ability to make fine points where the outcome isn't making someone cave to the government leviathan aren't strong points of Leftist thinking.