Wednesday, February 22, 2012

LighSquared Scandal Gets Worse

February 22, 2012 The Daily Caller reports:

The Daily Caller has obtained documents, emails and communications showing how President Barack Obama’s Federal Communications Commission demolished wireless broadband company LightSquared’s competition through a pattern of regulatory decisions apparently aimed at establishing an “open-access” Internet in the United States.
The FCC successfully green-lighted LightSquared’s corporate formation in 2009 by allowing Wall Street hedge fund Harbinger Capital Partners to purchase majority ownership in satellite company SkyTerra. A major obstacle that still remained in LightSquared’s way was competitor GlobalStar.
GlobalStar had a similar operation to the one LightSquared was building at the time. A major difference, though, was GlobalStar’s already-orbiting satellites, and the broadband Internet access it was already providing to Americans in rural areas of the country.

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There are a series of regulatory actions that the FCC took which, while they are individually understandable examples of bureaucratic inefficiency and decision making, collectively turned into a huge advantage for LightSquared--a company with significant ties to Obama and the Democratic Party.  What a surprise!

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  1. After reading that article I did a little Googling and found an article that indicated the completion that was suspiciously killed would have died nonetheless because they too were proposing to terrestrially use spectrum reserved for low power satellite signals that were too close to the GPS band.