Sunday, February 26, 2012

Act of Valor

I don't get out to movies in theaters very often, but just to annoy the liberals, when this one gets to Boise, I'm going!  And apparently, a lot of others are doing so across the country.  From February 26, 2012 USA Today:

Act of Valor, the action film featuring military personnel, pulled an upset at theaters, claiming $24.7 million and defeating films from Tyler PerryJennifer Aniston andPaul Rudd.
Analysts expected the R-rated homage to the military's elite to make $14 million.
MORE: The weekend's top 10But tough reviews — 30% of critics gave Valor a thumbs up, says — couldn't slow the movie, which scored well with moviegoers. About 85% of audiences liked it, the amalgam site says.
The film took "a big risk by offering a new approach to entertainment" by featuring real special forces, says Gitesh Pandya of
Yes, it is something of a political act to go see a movie like this.  It's a way to tell Hollyweird that Americans still respect our military and the tough job they do.

UPDATE: One of my commenters liked it very much.  And The Shekel has this to say about it:
For those worried that using actual Navy Seals as actors would somehow diminish the quality of the film, that can be put to rest. The Seals put on a finer performance than quite a number of current "stars" today that I could name. 
The action was realistic - there were plenty of magazine changes, guns didn't fire hundreds of rounds without reloading and there was actual use of cover. It was also intense and it leaves you thankful that these guys are on our side and that they can do what they can do.
The ending of the movie was very powerful indeed. The movie patrons emptied out very quietly after the conclusion - see it and you'll understand why.
So without giving any spoilers away, go and see it. It is one of the few movies that is worth shelling out money at the box office to see on the big screen.


  1. Yes to go and see this film is indeed sending a message. Hopefully that message gets through.

    It's also a darn good movie with realistic action sequences and Seals that can act better than a lot of current Hollywood stars. Not to mention an unabashedly pro-US military message.

  2. One reason for the realism is that a lot of the sequences use LIVE AMMO!

    I'm a bit disconnected, so I didn't even hear about this movie until the reviews of the box-office came out today, but I will try to see it next weekend.