Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Satellite Dish Recycling

Dish Network expressed no interest in their satellite dish when we discontinued service last year.  My wife asked me to remove it from the roof, and I did so--but what to do with it?  There is apparently no used market for such items (unsurprisingly).  But I took it to Pacific Steel & Recycling here in Boise along with four pounds of aluminum scrap from the ScopeRoller manufacturing operations, and all of this turned into $10.75.  (I believe that most of that was the satellite dish.)  If you have one of these eyesores on your roof, or sitting in the backyard, think of this as an opportunity to get a little cash and be Earth-friendly!


  1. Oh. You could have made a parabolic microphone. Listened to distant squirrel farts.

  2. Or you could turn it into a captain america shield. Google captain america shield satellite dish and it should take you to the Replica Props Forum. Several guys are making shields out of sat dishes