Thursday, October 20, 2011

9th Circuit Rejects Righthaven's Emergency Stay Appeal

Righthaven requested the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issue an emergency stay on an attempt by its creditors to execute judgment for the money Righthaven owes them.  This was probably Righthaven's last chance to avoid being forced into bankruptcy.  According to Steven Green at Vegas Inc., the emergency stay motion was denied.

My guess is that the next steps will be:

1. Righthaven files for bankruptcy.
2. Righthaven ceases to pursue its appeals because of this.
3. The lawyers representing the various injured parties attempt to pierce the corporate veil of liability to force CEO Steve Gibson to disgorge any assets that he has.
4. Lawyers representing the various parties who settled out of court based on Righthaven's false claim to own Las Vegas Journal-Review copyrights sue Gibson and Stephens Media for not only return of the settlements, but also legal fees, and emotional damages caused by having to defend themselves from these suits based on false claims of copyright ownership.  I look forward to seeing Steve Gibson wearing a barrel, holding a sign up begging for money.

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