Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Office Chairs

Snowflakes in Hell is discussing the problem of ergonomics, keyboards, mice, and office chairs.  Let me throw in some kind words for the True Seating Designs chair that Staples sells. It replaced an old one that was not giving me enough elevation to avoid straining my wrists–and I highly recommend it. Headrest; lumbar back adjustment; mesh back–very comfortable, and very reasonably priced.

I went into Staples in West Boise a few weeks back, and one of their sales people (named Jeremy, if memory serves me correctly) spent a bit time showing me what they had in stock, and the advantages of each chair.  I never felt pressured; he was doing exactly what a competent salesman does.


  1. Clayton, are the armrests on this chair either very well padded or removable?

    I have problems with the constant pressure on my forearms and especially the outside of my elbows I get from my current chair.

  2. Even better--you don't even have to install them.