Monday, October 10, 2011

How Articulate The Occupy Wall Street Crowd Is

I won't quote it, and I will warn you that the language is something that I would expect from a rebellious 14 year old who wants to shock, and lacks sufficient command of English to come up with anything better.  This must be a really intellectual movement: defecating on police cars; showing up in an East German border guard uniform; foul language simply for its own sake.

Since this whole Occupy Wall Street thing is just something that Obama's people organized to distract attention from their crony capitalism, that's how I am going to label it.

Looking at some of the other pictures does not impress me with the deep thinking going on.  This picture, for example, blames "The Rich" "The Banks" "The Corporations" "Wall Street."  By "The Rich" does he mean multimillionaires like President Obama and billionaire leftists like George Soros?  Does "The Banks" include not just Bank of America, but the thousands of small banks across the country that did not get in trouble, and are behaving responsibly?  Does "The Corporations" that he blames for sending jobs overseas include the million or so corporations in this country that make things here in America, providing okay and sometimes quite excellent jobs for their workers?

If you don't find this bigotry disturbing, imagine if this guy was holding a sign that blamed "The Jews" "The Blacks" "The Wetbacks" and "The Homosexuals" for economic problems, for crime, for a shortage of jobs, and child molestation.  Would you be so prepared to make excuses for this?

Very few large groups are so homogeneous in their behavior and beliefs.  Heck, even many Democrats seem unwilling to buy into Obama's latest stupid jobs plan.

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