Friday, October 7, 2011

Nice Graph

Over at No Lawyers -- Only Guns and Money is a graph showing what percentage of Americans live in states that are shall-issue vs. may-issue and no-issue concerning concealed weapon permits.  It is really astonishing to see how rapidly this has changed since 1980--and knowing that I played a part in making this happen.


  1. Although it should be noted, as I and others have in the comments, that placing NJ in the "may issue" category is entirely bogus (especially since Connecticut, while technically may issue, is properly placed in shall issue).

    Doesn't affect the most important points, which include the nation moving from 10% of the population living in shall issue regimes in 1986 (as I understand it, de facto outside of Washington state) or constitutional carry (Vermont) to 65% today. That's beyond amazing and is going to be very hard to reverse.

    I doubt any of us fighting this in the '70s or '80s ever expected such a thing; I sure didn't. Although there were hints, e.g. when a '70s? Massachusetts initiative to ban handguns failed. As far as I the only gun initiatives to have gone against us were the recent SF handgun ban (blocked by preemption, so scoring that might be iffy) and a Missouri one WRT shall issue, again showing the state to be narrowly Red/Blue balanced (in 2008 we voted for McCain by a very small margin).

  2. Thanks again for you part. I doubt many of you that helped with this get thanked enough.