Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Rapidly Growing Solyndra Scandal

This October 5, 2011 Washington Post article reports that the Obama Administration came very close to throw another $469 million into Solyndra, but the bureaucrats apparently prevented it from going forward in time to enrich Obama's campaign contributors.  The article is worth reading, but I had a good laugh at the comment someone left:

Dear President Obama:  I read with some interest your recent statements on the need for America to achieve energy independence. I understand that solar companies are having a difficult time, and that we don't want to develop our huge oil and gas reserves because they are evil or something. Luckily, I have a solution to this problem. I have discovered and developed a new form of wind energy. Through the use of a rotating bank of wind "sails" coupled to two large mill stones, I have discovered a way to convert natural grains into a crushed powder suitable for use as a kind of food. I already have a proof of concept prototype, and with a modest federal loan believe I can construct these "wind mills" all along the Eastern Seaboard. Doing so will employ nearly 300 people I suppose, and also reaffirm your commitment to 21st century energy solutions. Please send me a large golf tournament style check for $500,000,000 at your earliest convenience.  Sincerely, Jake Hampstead CEO, HyperTech AirDraftBlaster Solutions, Inc.
As another commenter observed: don't send that to DOE. They'll write you a check!

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