Friday, October 14, 2011

Risks Of Contracting Out Government Services

In the October 14, 2011 Idaho Statesman.  Since I know a lot about this, I'll keep my mouth shut.


  1. Or you could keep the services in-house. Then you could have civil service staff that have 10% "sick" rates on Mondays and Fridays, are almost unfirable, and get early retirement and fat pensions.

    There's no silver bullet.

  2. There are probably state governments that this describes. It does not describe our IT organization. We do not have statistically improbable sick rates or fat pensions. Our retirement system uses "Rule of 90" meaning that when years of service plus age = 90, they can retire at a reasonably generous pension.

    We are "almost unfirable," this is true: the only consolation for being paid at about half the private industry rate. (This is clearly not California.)