Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wahl Color Pro

Sometime back in the 1980s, probably for financial reasons, my wife started to cut my hair.  Only for rather remarkable events, such as a job interview, or going to testify before legislative panels, did I go to a professional for hair cuts.  Her first efforts were quite good, and now the results are so nice that I just never go to a professional anymore--where the results are often very hit and miss.

Over the years, we have gone through quite a number of haircutting tools, most of which were Chinese made.  The attachments that control the length of the cut are made of a very brittle plastic that usually breaks within a year, and can't be replaced, while the motor part is still working fine.  Even worse, because all the parts are black, you have to spend a bit of time trying to read the numbers embossed in the side to figure out which is the 5/8", 3/4" or 1/2" length.

My wife went out to buy a replacement, and found this unit: the Wahl Color Pro:

Several aspects of it are very nice:

1. Made in USA, and it would appear from USA stamped in all the plastic pieces as well as the clipper itself, this means everything.

2. The attachments are color coded, and the clipper has a color legend on the side, which speeds up the process of finding the right attachment.

3. The attachments seem to be made of a somewhat more flexible plastic.  We have not had a year's experience with it yet, of course, but I have more confidence that these will survive without cracking.

4. A very detailed instruction book which will enable many people to produce a close to professional result without taking several years to learn by error!  Still, you have to use some intelligence.  The instructions would have had my wife use the 1/2" attachment at the base of my head, and the 3/4" attachment on top.  The 5/8" attachment actually blended better with my hair.


  1. Just on spec, this?


  2. That's the 25 piece set version. I am not sure what the extra five pieces are for.