Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Close To Matter/Anti-Matter Danger

I keep my master copies of CDs in a secure location; this way, when the CD copies that I take in the car get scratched (as always happens), I can reburn them.  At the moment, I am putting the second disc of the Carpenters Only Yesterday album on the same disc with Styx's The Grand Illusion.  Are there laws about combining such...disparate styles on music on one CD?


  1. My daughter asked why I never used the shuffle feature on my iPod. I told her that I tried it once, but Corelli followed immediately by Judas Priest wasn't something I wanted to experience twice.

  2. More importantly, why not just get an MP3 player device and stop using CDs entirely?

    Not only do you then obviate the scratch problem and all the time and effort of burning new ones, but you have less fooling around with the stereo while driving, since you never need to switch disks.

    (What interactions you have should be easier handled while driving, as well, if only because of the location and improved interface of a good MP3 player.

    And as a side-effect you end up with all your music from the CDs on a computer in as high a quality as you care to make the encodings, which makes backing up your music even easier [you can trivially copy to a drive that you can store off-site, so even in the horrible case of a house fire, you still have all your music], and lets you have an easily-accessed home library of music.

    I've long ago gone to down that path, and the benefits are immense.)

  3. The Corvette's stereo (and for that matter, the Jaguar's stereo) don't have an external jack to plug an MP3 player into. I know that there are ways to connect these up through an FM channel, but I am told that the quality isn't terribly impressive.

    The CDs in the Corvette go into a 12 disc changer in the trunk, so no fiddling!