Thursday, June 9, 2011

There Can't Be Many People With These Qualifications

Nor many jobs like this:

Ideal Candidate
  • Loves grammar
  • Is succinct
  • Has stopped reading poorly edited books
  • Is professional when correcting someone else's writing
  • Prefers simple over complex writing
  • Enjoys editing something due in one hour
  • Finds writing style guides amusing
  • Finds the Chicago Manual of Style fascinating
  • Has two years of Biblical Hebrew course work
  • Has two years of Koine or Classical Greek course work
  • Has a graduate level degree in Biblical or Theological Studies


  1. Hello Clayton!

    Are you applying, hiring or just spreading the word about this?

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  3. My house is underwater--I couldn't move out of the area, and I don't have those qualifications. I was mostly amused at its specificity.

  4. Sometimes, companies already have someone lined up for a position, but they're legally mandated to advertise that position. That's when you get the uber-specific job requirements, where internal HR took their desired candidate's resume, and wrote up a job description to filter out anything not that.

    In this specific case, I have no knowledge/insight/gut feelings as to whether the above is happening here.

  5. Could just be a creative HR person or manager that wrote up the job description. For the right person this could be their dream job. I self studied Hebrew and Greek for several years (and took a year of both Koine and Classical in college), but its been so long I've forgotten too much probably. When I was into that this job and the product they produce would have been my dream job. Since there aren't too many jobs for people with those skills this is a DREAM job for someone!

    Also, I can't sell me house or move either...

    I wonder if they have posted this with the groups that promote academic study of the ancient languages (like the UBS/ABS and ACL). Presumably they think that learning that could pay off with a job!