Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How Do You Know That You Are Really Rich?

When you don't waste most of an evening trying to repair a pressure sprayer, instead of just buying another one.

A bit more than a year ago (i.e., just beyond warranty), I bought a Husky H1600 pressure washer.  It wasn't hideously expensive, and it seems to do what I need.  However: when I started using it a few days ago to wash the concrete in preparation for some repainting, it was leaking at the gun part of the unit.  I thought, "probably just a loose O-ring or some such--I'll fix it."

So I took it all apart, and since everything is under compression, it was a darn nuisance to put back together.  Even worse, I had one of the springloaded parts improperly located, so I wasted a solid hour trying to figure it out.  The leak isn't any better, and now the trigger does not work (always on).  But at least I know how to put it back together again!

The gun part of the unit is relatively simple, and I may just end up ordering up a replacement--how expensive can the cheap part of a $160 device be?  (Yeah, yeah, stupid question.)



  2. I've concluded that I'll be rich when I satisfy two (maybe three) conditions, which aren't necessarily unrelated to each other:

    1. Get out of debt, including at least one house.

    2. Finding employment that I love to do.

    3. Be prepared for the future--invest for retirement, have various types of insurance, etc.

    I'm a long way from being rich...but when I'm rich, most people probably won't know the difference! (Maybe I should write a book, "Being Rich on $30,000 a Year"... ;-)