Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Metal Detector

I have always slightly wanted one of these; now I think I need one.  It is time to have the septic tank pumped, but when the septic tank guy came out, he couldn't find the tank. 

My wife called the builder; he said the access hatch was just west of the standpipe sticking out of the ground, about eight inches deep.  (Having now dug well beyond that, my response sounds like the punchline from a joke that starts out with a guy and a gal in a singles bar, but I am too polite to imagine the rest of the joke.)  He also said that if I had a Geiger counter, I could find the hatch, because it has a big piece of rebar on it.

I am hoping that he meant a metal detector; even our septic tank should not be radioactive!  Anyway, I was trying to borrow a metal detector from my co-workers, but amazingly enough, no one had one.


  1. You sure your land wasn't a nuclear test site? :)

  2. Strange, the septic guys around here when they can't find the tank will flush a radio transmitter ball down the toilet, run the water for a bit and then track the radio signal to the tank.

    Cheaper than buying a metal detector but its understandably a disposable and single use item.