Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Establishment of Religion Clause Violation?

A reader's comment pointed to this well done video pointing out that the Obama Administration has given special treatment to one religion over all others--something that by the ACLU's standards would qualify as an establishment of religion violation.

Now, there is a case that what the government is doing here in treating Islam with such sensitivity--while not doing so for other religions--is not really a sign of Islamic preference by our government.  It may be more accurate to describe it as diplomacy: "The art of saying, 'Nice doggie,' while looking for a rock."  (It is, by that reasoning, a sign that we consider Muslims temper tantrum tendency toddlers who can't control themselves.)  But it is quite astonishing how many people will go positively thermonuclear over prayers before a football game, and ignore such an obvious disparity in how our government treats one religion relative to others.

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  1. Thanks for linking this video Clayton. It wasn't my intent to get you to shed some light on this guy's video; just to point out what is really important. Maybe just to highlight the ignorance in what some of our fellow citizens find important.

    It really means alot that you, and your readers get what I was trying to say, so thanks for spreading the word.