Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Son Told Me About This Site: First World Problems

I'm not much for feeling guilt-ridden about the advantages of living in the First World--even as poor and miserable as things have become in the last several years--but this website First World Problems is a riot!  Some of these are examples of stupid stuff that people say on Facebook with a limited awareness that these are not exactly "problems" in the sense that most of the planet would recognize something as a "problem," and others are people making fun of such narcissistic sorts:
The fake girlfriend I created on Facebook is causing problems for me

I recently got basic cable in my bedroom, but there is no guide so I must scroll thru the channels like a peasant

The Domino's Pizza Tracker is not working. Now I don't know when to put my pants on.
I keep losing my mouse pointer on my three monitors.


  1. Hilarious, and sad.
    I keep thinking of Robert Bly's story about being a selfish 17 year old, whining about working when his friends were out having fun.
    The only other worker around was the old bookkeeper.
    And Bly kept whining about what a 'problem' it was working.
    The old man patiently explained to him, did he have a roof over his head? Food in his belly? If so, what he was experiencing was an inconvenience, not a problem.
    Then, he showed him the number tattooed on his forearm.

  2. And some people are worried about the economy, or "Shariamerica". Please!


  3. If the temperature isn't between 71 and 73 degress, the Missus needs to have either the furnace or air conditioning turned on.