Thursday, June 16, 2011

Graphic Artist Among My Readers?

I am always impressed with the enormous range of talents of the crowd that reads my blog.  I have a request: I need some cover art for the upcoming book, and I found a picture that really captures the tragedy of what deinstitutionalization has done.  I took this on a street in Philadelphia back in 2004, of a man who was pretty clearly either mentally ill or intoxicated.  From the terrified expression, I am inclined towards thinking the latter.

The resolution may be too low to do anything with the close-up.  I was thinking perhaps some combination of the larger picture and the zoom-in as part of the cover art for the book. 

1 comment:

  1. Maybe because I live here, I did not immediately spot the crazy man. I zoomed in. I still did not spot him. It was only the police car, and cop in rain gear, that allowed me to spot the man who climbed the scaffolding. I would not have ordinarily noticed this as a sign of delusion.