Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Palin Emails

If you want to know the strongest argument for Sarah Palin as the 2012 nomination--it is that it drives the left absolutely insane!  A number of newspapers (even in Britain) are desperate for readers to help them go through the emails and find dirt.  You think I am exaggerating on their goals?  Take a look at the Guardian's "help us analyze these" page.  For each page, your choices are: 

Is this document about:

Is this:

Do you notice that the "Is this:" choices do not include:
  • A governor doing her job
  • Trying to get the facts straight before giving her State of the State address to the Alaska legislature
  • Doing the incredibly dull stuff that is part of the job
Oh, and the June 11, 2011 Los Angeles Times went through the emails and made this astonishing, shocking, disgusting discoveries about Governor Palin:

Even before she became prominent in national politics, Sarah Palin defended herself against even the slightest criticism during her tenure as Alaska governor, newly released correspondence shows.

What emerges repeatedly in the materials, however, are episodes in which the governor pushed her staff to demand corrections from reporters and fretted that her emails were being leaked.

The emails showed that Palin and her staff sought to use policy victories to burnish her political image.
 Wow!  Can you imagine a politician doing these things?  Astonishing.  Next, they are going to report that Governor Palin's emails reveal that...she is a woman!


    1. I wonder how many conservatives are joining their "crowdsourcing" document research to plant false flags: take an email or two that is completely innocuous, and report it as "a bit fishy" or "highly suspicious". Just a few in each category, not enough to establish any kind of pattern that could let them be thrown out, but enough that the signal-to-noise ratio will be quite low, and the newspaper staff will waste their time and energy chasing down false leads.

      I also wonder if Limbaugh has already suggested this. I don't listen to him, so I wouldn't know. But if I remember correctly, he was the one who came up with "Operation Chaos" back in '08, so he'd probably thought of it already...

    2. Imagine that. A politician jealously tries to protect her image against false defamation.

      I think that Palin toying with the idea of running is enough of a distraction so that some other Republican candidates can position themselves without the lame stream media noticing.

      I just love watching my liberal friends, and some conservatives, running into walls at the mere mention of a Palin Presidency.

    3. Hooray for Sarah Palin, 0ur next President.

    4. I'm still waiting for the call for us to review anyone on the left's e-mails.

      This is the SECOND time Palin's e-mails have been scrutinized (recalling the Yahoo mail hack).