Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some People Get Carried Away At The Supermarket...

There are times that I go shopping and buy stuff that we already have, and my wife makes fun of the fact that we end up with 15 cans of chili in the pantry.  But this sounds a bit more serious:

Super Moist Betty Crocker Cake Mixes - $1111 (Nampa)
Date: 2011-06-21, 10:46AM MDT
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We purchased way more than we needed...we have about 50 boxes different kinds...they are expired recently but still fine..will trade for canned veggies...2 cans per cake mix..or ?????..don't mind them being a little out of date 


  1. Sounds like an extreme "coupon-er!" Numerous TV programs and newspaper articles have covered that recently. It has become so bad that some stores have run out of products (like cake mixes) because of people using coupons to buy up for free or little money all of the store stock!).

    I've wondered what people do with all the stuff they would never use or products that have an expiration date. While it is true you can usually safely eat most food for sometime after the date, products do get stale and can become unpalatable. Products with flour do hatch out little critters if kept long enough...

    The ID Statesman had a story about people stealing newspapers or taking the coupons out of the news racks.

    Pretty crazy to me. I don't see how this continue. I imagine they will start tying to set limits on how many they will honor at a time. With so many ways to do targeted marketing and advertising it seems to me the days of the paper coupon in the newspaper will come to an end soon.

    Not a bad idea to have extra food stocked up though---one little hiccup in our society could lead to empty store shelves in the blink of an eye...

  2. Extreme Couponing ... the Dark Side.

  3. $1111 for 50 boxes?

    Unless she means cases I suspect a typo.

  4. Or more likely, they did a little dumpster diving at the supermarket when they cleaned out the expired inventory.

  5. The stores usually donate the stuff getting close to expiring to the food banks.