Monday, June 13, 2011

An Employer That Seems To Recognize That College Matters...

My son has been trying to find a job ever since he moved back from Boise, and it has not been easy.  A lot of employers really have no interest in working around a college student's schedule, and make that very clear.  I sometimes wonder how much of this is that they really need to be this hard-headed, and how much is envy or jealousy.

Anyway, my son has found an employer who recognizes that college is important, and is willing to work with him on hours--and a five minute walk from his apartment near BSU.  It's a shame that my wife is gluten-intolerant: those of you not so unfortunate in the Boise area, please give Old Chicago some pizza and beer business for us, okay?

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  1. I don't make it to the downtown Old Chicago often, but I frequent the Town Square location at least monthly to put in some work on the World Beer Tour and enjoy a meal with my wife. Old Chicago has no gluten-free menu, but they apparently have a Gluten 101 guide to assist the staff. They also carry Redbridge beer.