Thursday, January 13, 2011

Talk About Fast

Tuesday night, I downloaded the memory upgrade tool from, which runs on your PC, tells you what RAM you currently have installed, what the maximum you can upgrade to, and then sets you up to order it.  This is a real advantage, since there are a zillion different RAM configurations now, depending on speed, physical format, and half a dozen other factors that I knew when I talk introductory computers a few months ago, but have now forgotten. 

The price to upgrade form 1 GB to 2 GB (the maximum this HP notebook will take) was only $39.95.  So I ordered it.  I didn't pay anything extra for faster shipping.  It was here today.  Wow.


  1. I love Crucial. I had some laptop ram fail on me so I RMA'd it and had new RAM in under a week.

  2. About the shipping: where did it originate? Crucial is Micron's consumer outlet and the latter is famous for being an Idaho startup....

  3. Good job supporting the local economy! (@hga - The memory probably was manufactured in Virginia; we mostly just have R & D left in Boise. There's a Crucial outlet in Meridian.)