Saturday, January 8, 2011

Imagine If An Ad Agency Made A Commercial Like This Parodying the Hajj

From January 7, 2011 Faith & Reason, a USA Today blog, comes this description of an ad that was entered--then removed--from the Super Bowl ad contest:

Feed the Flock begins with a priest (maybe Catholic, maybe Anglican or Episcopal) at his desk surrounded by bills for the parish, which clearly needs more income in the collection plate (why else show the stack of bills?).

Since it's his job to offer spiritual food to the flock, he takes it to another level (the pits, I'd say). The video shows the faithful lining up for Communion and getting Doritos (in two flavors, no less) instead of the wafer (which Catholics believe is the body of Christ and others see as symbolic of Christ). And, you guessed it, the wine, considered by Catholics to be the blood of Christ, is dished out as Pepsi MAX.
I guess this is a pretty good sign that the ad agency involved recognizes what calm and decent people Christians are.  But it also says how prepared they are to offend what is still, shockingly enough, the vast majority of Americans.

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