Saturday, January 1, 2011

Always Astonished At The Bizarre Things Going On Out There

Something calling itself the Bureau of Republic Records has a webpage.  Apparently, a number of patriots got together in Utah this year and created a legitimate constitutional government for the "united States of America" (note the lower case on "united") and somehow or another, the existing illegitimate, unconstitutional government didn't quake in fear and shut down operations.  Nor, for some reason, did the masses refuse to keep funding that existing, illegitimate government.  Imagine that.

Read the statement from the "Chief Justice of the one supreme Court" Nathan Joel Peachey of the "united States of America" as well:
In the 2010 Utah Convention, the free state Republics convened Joint Session Continental Congress and re inhabited the Republic for the united States of America. This was a most historical moment for our nation. Most Americans agree that we are living in a regime of a broken court system, and we are being taxed beyond reasonable ability to pay. For example very recently in Arizona a situation was revealed where a certain CORPORATION doing judging business for the town charged the town over $52000 to win a $100 traffic ticket. The judges were merely officers of their own judging CORPORATION doing business for profit at the expense of the people. This happens all across America these days and do you ever wonder what is wrong?


The Republic was not sovereign by any means. The Republic was not supposed to be sovereign. The sovereignty was held by the people. In 1861 they killed the Republic because it was not sovereign. It was easy to do because the Republic was named United States; and was seated within the 10 miles square area of Washington City. They simply incorporated the United States and elevated it to a legal status having the same rights as natural people. This US Corporation vested its power in a board with the executive power of the board being the US Corporation President. Now they created a US Citizenship or the 14th amendment. The moment you became a US Citizen you became subject to the Sovereign Corporation. Today the US Corporation will admit they are sovereign. This information is readily available if you look for it.

To complicate matters even worse after the civil war they incorporated the state names of the free states as political sub-divisions sharing sovereign status with the US CORPORATION. Then to top it all off, they incorporated all the county names as political sub-divisions of the STATE and these COUNTY CORPORATIONS vested their power in a Board of Commissioners. This has been done throughout all the free states of the Republic. The Board of Commissioners of the COUNTY CORPORATION exercises their sovereign CORPORATE governing powers through a maze of complex CORPORATE business agencies and CORPORATE administrative offices for profit. There is NO Republican form of government in any county and no true Constitutional Judicial system in any county in any free state of the Republic. Most of the judges are simply clerks and many are officers sitting on the Board of their own CORPORATIONS that operate judging business for profit as an agency administrative function of the CORPORATE COUNTY with indexes traded on Wall Street.
Fascinating: a reminder of what happens when you only talk to other people that think like yourself.


  1. Ah, Clayton, you don't understand the awesome power of this fully operational ALL CAPS KEY.

  2. The illegitimate government is so afraid of them that the president doesn't even have a Wikipedia page!

  3. There's a group that really thinks that, if we change "US of A" to "uS of A", things will get better? That's kindof funny!

    As much as I like to imagine what would happen if we altered the Electoral College somehow, or returned to State-appointed Senators, or some other small change to government, I can't help but return to this basic thought: the people, in general, get the government they support.

    Making minor, or even major, changes to the government, will do nothing to fix the welfare state, so long as the majority of individuals approve of it.

    Once the majority of people in America choose to be free--including free from welfare, and the accompanying taxes and regulations--we won't have to resort to silly things like the "united States of America".