Saturday, January 29, 2011

San Francisco Democratic Party Circular Firing Squad

I don't know who Argonaut360 is, or how trustworthy of a source, but if you are need of some Schadenfreude, feel free to read this!

The Hot Issue: Spending Democratic Party Funds
Against Other Democrats in Supervisor Races

By Warren Hinckle
Aaron Peskin played offense Wednesday night against  charges that he had  misused Democratic party funds attempting to defeat Democrats he didn’t like in Supervisor races last fall. He blamed wealthy Republicans  “interfering” in local elections for his actions – for which he was promptly and publicly rebuked by representatives of Senator Dianne Feinstein, Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi and Jackie Spear, State Senator Mark Leno and the new California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

Speaking serially and almost in chorus, the proxies for the top Democratic officials took turns giving Peskin verbal spankings before the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee,  and concluded he was in need of some sort of adult supervision.

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  1. Argonaut seems to be Warren Hinkle. He's an old-fashioned newspaperman, which means drunk and obnoxious, and probably telling the truth, if his notes are legible when he sobered up the next morning.