Sunday, January 2, 2011

Computer Odds & Ends...

I have a number of laptops in need of repair and some mildly antique networking parts that I am trying to sell on eBay at the moment, real cheap. 

Dell Inspiron B130 notebook (broken power supply)

Linksys PCMCIA EtherFast card

The minimum bid on each of the laptops is $5, and on the Linksys cards is $1.  The Dell and Compaq laptops need the power connector to motherboard interface repaired.  (These belonged to my son-in-law and daughter, but the costs of getting this particular failure repaired is high enough that it just doesn't make sense.  Someone with experience repairing these might be able to turn these into perfectly functional unit pretty easily.)  I have removed the hard drives from both, and turned them into backup servers for their new desktop.

I am not sure what the HP's problem is.  It won't recharge, but for a couple of tries, it at least booted into the Setup menu.   I can't remember the last time that I used it.  I bought it in the late 1990s, and I suppose if you needed something to run Linux, it might be a good choice.

The Linksys cards I suspect work, although current versions of Windows didn't recognize them as having drivers immediately available.

I hate to throw away stuff that someone who has some time and skill can repair.  That's why the minimum bids are so low.  I would rather get $5 or $10 plus shipping, and have them not take up a landfill.

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