Sunday, January 9, 2011

Things That Don't Even Sell on eBay

I was digging through the photo and electronics museum that is my closet, and I pulled out a Fujifilm Discovery 312 35mm film camera.  (You younger readers might need to visit a museum to find out what a "film camera" is.)  I discovered that there are a number of them being offered on eBay--but guess what?  No one's bidding!  It's a shame, because it was, for its day, a decent compromise on price and function in the autoeverything category. 

What's impressive is that I don't think that I have taken any pictures with it since Democrats saw "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" as a sign of their liberalism about homosexuality--and yet when I turn it on, it boots up and is ready to take pictures!

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  1. I think the issue there is that the only people really doing film anymore are enthusiasts.

    And film enthusiasts don't really want auto-everything.

    (I've purchased a dozen or two used cameras on eBay or from KEH or Adorama over the years, and none of them are even auto-focus, let alone auto-everything.

    I got digital for that, and a much, much lower cost per shot.

    Which is why I've basically abandoned film... that marginal cost that rounds to zero is very powerful, compared to one that rounds to about $1.50 for medium format, or even $.33-$.50 for cheap 35mm.)