Saturday, January 8, 2011

Technological Innovation in Teaching

Okay, I'm sure that many other professors have been doing this for a long time.  My plan for this coming semester is to encourage my students to turn in writing assignments through Blackboard's Digital Dropbox.  This has several advantages:

1. No question about whether I lost an assignment, or it didn't get turned in.

2. I can use the revision feature of Word to mark up the papers.  This gives me more opportunity to give more detailed and readable comments.  (My handwriting is atrocious.)


  1. I can't remember if Blackboard has implemented a link to Turnitin. If so, that can be a time saver.

  2. My daughter's high school uses turnitin.

  3. Whether it's linked to Turnitin or not depends on the whether the school has a subscription or not. In my school, you also have to request it be set up.

    If you really want to be cool, you can set up Dragon Naturally Speaking, and as you read the papers, it will record and transcribe your comments.