Monday, March 29, 2021

Any Airsoft Fans Out There?

There was for a while an Airsoft copy of the Colt 1903 sold under the name Smart K-28.  Except for the grips, apparently a pretty faithful all metal reproduction (except for the grips).  They seem to be out of production.  Any ideas where I might find one for sale used?  Buying a real Colt 1903 is a bit of money for a gun that I am unlikely to shoot more than  a few times.  This is an esthetic pursuit, mostly.


  1. Line me up and whack me with a paddle. “May I have another, sir?”

    The only gun I have disposed of in my life was the similar 1908 model in .380 ACP. I hated it. It bit the web between my thumb and trigger finger, it was inaccurate, it was noisy because of the short barrel, the recoil was harsh because of the light weight, and the barrel was pitted and eroded. The last I speculated was caused by lack of cleaning following the use of corrosive primered ammunition. I’ve wished I hadn’t sold it since then, 1970.

    While typing this in I was serenaded by the playing of “The Star Spangled Banner” which comes from the outdoor loudspeakers at the Naval Academy next door. They do this every morning at 0800. We can hear it most or the time except when the wind is blowing in another direction. On those occasions we sometimes hear practice at the rifle range which opens at 0730.

    1. It is definitely an old design. I was not planning to carry it; my Colt Mustang .380 is more compact, likely as accurate and definitely has no web bite. I am mostly interested in it because of the esthetics. I suspect it made more sense in .32 ACP.