Monday, November 3, 2014

Social Security Disability

I talked to my adjudicator this morning.  He is waiting for a report from my next doctor's appointment on Wednesday before making a final determination.  As long as I make less than $1000/month gross, working part-time won't affect my disability claim.


Allen Cogbill said...

Unfortunately, many of the SSD claims are fraudulent. The system was designed for people who actually need it, but has morphed, in many instances, into a system of long-term unemployment for some (see Coyote's take).

Hopefully, you'll eventually recover from your stroke that you'll able to work again, and SSD won't be necessary.

Brad Post said...

Filing for a disability claim has a long progress. So knowing that you’re getting closer in achieving it a good thing, indeed. Anyway, I hope no more problems occur, so that your claim can be processed as soon as possible. Hang in there!

Brad Post @ Jan Dils