Saturday, November 1, 2014

Just One State But Still Good News

AP reports that Republicans have a huge lead over Democrats in mail-in voting in Colorado:

DENVER (AP) -- Republicans are taking a big lead in early voting in Colorado.

A report from the Secretary of State on Friday showed that 104,000 more Republicans than Democrats had cast their ballots as the state conducts its first major mail-in election.

Voters can also drop off ballots at polling stations and register through Election Day.

Republicans usually lead in early returns in Colorado but rarely by such hefty margins. Democrats and some observers expect that lead to shrink by Election Day.
I suspect the gun control measures Democrats forced through a couple of years ago are playing a part.

Democrats apparently think they have lost the Iowas Senate race.
DES MOINES, Iowa —Democrats’ hopes of keeping the Senate may well rest on the outcome of the race in this state on Tuesday. But party faithful here are increasingly anxious that victory is slipping away, with some Democrats openly saying that Republican Joni Ernst has the momentum as the campaign barrels to a close.

In conversations with more than a dozen voters and activists in seven cities across Iowa, Republicans appeared confident, even giddy, while Democrats acknowledged they were worried that Ernst would win an open-seat race that many in their party initially thought would be an easy victory for their candidate, Bruce Braley.


w said...

Now praying that by this time next year the R's are sending lots of legislation (because they control both houses) to the White House and that the messiah will be too busy to golf anymore. Though of course most likely because he will have a big Red "V" stamp since the legislation won't conform to his vision of Progressive Paradise/Marxist Utopia.

What happens then if the R's can't override the vetoes? Hopefully at the minimum it will mean the R's can show they tried to get something done and the D's are the blockers, but I'm sure the D voters won't see it that way.

It will be interesting to see how Billary and Liz Warren (I assume she may run?) will play that up.

mariner said...

As I've noted elsewhere, post-election Democrat voting will decrease or even erase those leads.