Saturday, November 1, 2014

CDC Wants Body Bags

I don't normally take anything from seriously, but they linked to a federal government contract solicitation site, and CDC is asking for sources for protective equipment for the Ebola outbreak, including:

Body bags
Adult 250x120cm, Cadaver bag white linear enforced polyethylene (PE) 300-600 microns with U-shape zipper and 2 zipper pulls with tieribs
• Should be able to hold 100-125 kilos (200-250 lbs),
• At least 6 handholds included in the body bag to allow burial team to hand carry it safely
• Heat-sealed: insure superior strength and safety,
• Provide full containment of blood borne pathogens
• Cracking point of 25 - 32 degrees below zero.


w said...

But...But....You're just a bunch of paranoid, bible-thumping, gun-toting, homo-phobic, racists criticizing the messiah!!! /*End Sarcasm*/

Billy Oblivion said...

* Should be able to hold 100-125 kilos (200-250 lbs),

Ah, then they're not for American's then.