Saturday, February 23, 2013

Why Islam May Be The Dominant Religion in America in 50 Years

I found this in the lunchroom at work.

What would John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church, say about this?

When Christian churches drift off into New Age ideas, they are no longer Christianity.


StormCchaser said...

That's why so many are leaving the old line protestant churches and going to Catholic (myself, from Presbyterian) or Evangelical.

The mainline Protestant churches have been taken over by relativists, new agers, and generally folks more interested in modern fads than the eternal truths of Christianity.

Tom Locker said...

I live in Davis, California - highly liberal community. Local paper today has a big article about a "Fight Climate Change" seminar the local mainline Protestant churches are presenting (Lutheren, Episcoplian, Methodist, Presbyterian & Unitarians).

No word in the article about our Lord Jesus.

Dave said...

I'm a member of a United Methodist Church in a different state. If this were at my local Church, I'd be asking questions of the powers that be as to why this was happening at our Church. Our church lets an outside non-Christian organization rent space for its meetings, and I don't have a problem with that. In our case the outside non-Christian organization in our case is Alcoholic's Anonymous. I find the AA custom of referring to a higher power annoyingly generic, but I don't have a problem with our church letting the group use our space. However, I think everyone in our local area thinks God or Jesus Christ whenever they think higher power.

I'm wondering if the United Methodist Church in question is explicitly endorsing this group or just letting them use space?

Rich Rostrom said...

In Germany, abandoned Lutheran churches have been converted to mosques. (BTW, I'm not against the repurposing of a house of worship when the former congregation stops coming. In Chicago, I know of former synagogues that are now Korean evangelical churches, for instance.)

Also in Chicago (and this was about 25 years ago): a Presbyterian church which hosted a Sufi Moslem group.